The “Planting Up” community garden project was formed by a few passionate people from Transition Town Milton Keynes (MK) in summer 2017.
Working together

Our project group consists of people from all walks of life who are the driving force of our project.

It’s our volunteers’ dedicated time and effort that enables us to create, maintain and promote fantastic community spaces. Our first site, and original base-camp, at Westbury Arts Centre shows us how lots of elbow-grease coupled with enthusiasm and community-spirit can transform a grassy pasture into a productive, permaculture paradise.


Our Mission

In 2017 our original aim was to establish a community garden at Westbury Arts Centre that uses permaculture principles to improve the Arts Centre’s outdoor space to better serve the local community and the natural environment.

Our mission in 2019 is to create more of these sustainable and inviting community gardens for the people of Milton Keynes to use and enjoy in ways that better connect us all to the natural world and each other.Community Garden for all

We will follow organic permaculture principles that mean we will apply “no-dig” gardening methods as we work together to grow organic produce we can eat and learn about, whilst also creating biodiverse natural habitats to encourage wildlife in the garden.

By following permaculture principles that work with nature, we aim to always have a good balance between pests and beneficial insects so that the garden is naturally maintained as much as possible by slug eating reptiles like frogs, toads and slowworms etc, meaning there’s less work for us to do to maintain it in the longer-term.




Project Sponsors

Westbury Arts Centre (WAC) is a registered charity whose aim is to promote, maintain, improve and advance education and appreciation of the arts in all forms among the people of Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

In addition to delivering a high quality Events Programme throughout the year for the public to come and enjoy exhibitions and events, and get involved in a range of creative workshops, the Centre provides permanent and temporary studio spaces, as well as rooms and exhibition spaces for hire. As far as this project is concerned, WAC wants to encourage more visitors to the Centre for the local community to benefit from it as a recognised social space for their volunteers as well as an educational and wildlife conservation site of interest.Westbury Arts Centre logo

For more information about WAC, please visit:

Transition Town Milton Keynes (TTMK)
 is a group of local people who connect and support individuals and community groups in building strong and resilient communities in our local area to help us take local action for low carbon living. The group aims to promote practical local action which will help the people of Milton Keynes to be more environmentally sustainable and self sufficient in their lifestyle. As far as this project is concerned, TTMK wants to encourage more people to grow some of the food they eat and educate us to be more resourceful in how we use and manage waste by applying permaculture’s “recycling” principles.Transition Town Milton Keynes logo

For more information about TTMK, please visit:


This work has also been supported by funding from MK Community Foundation.Milton Keynes Community Foundation