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Plans to improve the Bletchley Lakes Estate and redevelop Serpentine Court are due to be submitted for planning permission in February 2020.

Since the vote to fully redevelop the Lakes Estate in Nov 2018, Milton Keynes Council has worked with residents and community representatives to develop detailed proposals. These conversations are continuing with residents throughout the planning process, ensuring that local people have every possible opportunity to help shape and influence the plans, including at the drop-in session held twice a week at Spotlight where residents can ask questions and get more information. As a result of these discussions, there has been talk about the need for community green spaces in the area, not just as part of the regeneration programme but in the interim to (bring local people together to) help brighten up some existing planting areas.


For the Lakes Estate gardening project, the central aim is to help local residents to:

  • Feel better about themselves
  • Get their hands dirty/ get involved in something meaningful
  • Improve mental health
  • Feel proud of their local area

Other considerations

There is a request that the project be focused on adults in the local community

Anti-social behaviour is a consideration for how to protect the garden project

Whatever ideas emerge from the Planting Up project group, the idea is that we will help facilitate the work once the final decision is made by the local community who will be at the heart of owning and managing the project.

Here’s what has been brought to our attention so far…


Serpentine Court

The Lakes Estate and Serpentine Court is part of Milton Keynes’ first major regeneration programme but as there will be a two year wait for the development to be complete, some residents have suggested that we improve on the existing flower beds near the shops in the meantime. This high-traffic area needs some TLC to stop the beds being used as a dumping ground for litter and to generally replace the prickly shrubs with something more attractive and friendly.

The land is currently managed by Milton Keynes Council’s Landscaping team.

Lakes Estate Serpentine Crt beds from shops
Lakes Estate Serpentine Crt beds towards shops
Lakes Estate Serpentine Crt beds up close

Water Eaton Health Centre

The flower beds outside the GP surgery are in need of some care and attention. Some residents have suggested that this is an area that you walk past when you’re generally not feeling well so is important that the current shrubs be replaced with something more uplifting that give off some “feel good” factor…

This is most likely private land, owned by the Health Centre and managed by their garden contractors.

Health Centre front left
Front of Water Eaton health centre Lakes Estate
Health Centre front right

Between the Health Centre and school

The grassy area between the school and the GP surgery is a large expanse of neglected space that currently has mounds of tall weeds living there. Some residents have suggested that it would be a good spot to tidy up with a community garden.

As with all the garden ideas, the critical issue is where water could be sourced to maintain it as this area is a little isolated.

Maintaining this land is likely to be the responsibility of the MKC Landscaping team, but ownership has still to be confirmed.

Land behind Health Centre and beside school
Back of health centre
Lakes Estate land beside health centre and school

Join us

This all starts with the local community. We want to hear from residents to get your opinions about what you’d like to see and where, and how you can help with this project.

We also want to hear from experts to help us assess what’s possible.

And finally, we want volunteers from in and around the Lakes Estate to come forward to get involved in any aspect of the project and the garden that interests you.Join us

We’d love to hear from the local community who we are determined must shape this project. Please contact us if you’re interested in joining – no matter what your skills or knowledge.

To join our group, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or simply contact us here.