Thinking Greener - Milton Keynes Climate Cafe

Milton Keynes Climate Cafe – A Forum for discussing green issues

Climate Change Cafes offer a starting place to break the mould of isolation and confusion caused by these desperate and tragic times by giving us a discussion group to help address our feelings of isolation, where we can discover our common ground and get together to talk in a safe, guilt-free environment.


Many people are concerned about climate issues and are suffering from eco-anxiety, climate depression, hopelessness, and other difficult feelings of confusion in response to the climate crisis. We are having the same feelings, but because we feel alone, we don’t always talk about our concerns openly.

Many of our family members, work colleagues, and friends don’t want to talk about climate change and as a result we end up with very few avenues to have these much-needed discussions and communions.

Climate change cafes help to normalise the difficult feelings, share climate-related news and developments, and voice our concerns with a like-minded community – helping us to:

  1. build community by providing face-to-face, in-person interactions
  2. learn about the most pressing climate change issues
  3. provide a platform we can plug into to create our own support network
  4. help find alternatives and solutions to destructive forces impacting our society and world

Transition Town MK is supporting Climate Change Cafes in Milton Keynes. Check the Events diary for upcoming meetings or contact TTMK by emailing: [email protected]